Frequently asked questions

We use two different softwares OpenVPN and SoftEther. these are the most advanced and secured VPN Softwares.

1. OpenVPN runs through TLS protocol which is based on creating secure line between the client and server using Military grade encryption (AES-256) which is the most advanced encryption.

2. SoftEther runs through SSL Protocol especially designed to act like HTTPs protocol to bypass firewall restriction so it can be used in China and countries that blocks VPN, its also uses the Military grade encryption (AES-256) which is the most advanced encryption.
We have a custom firewall which blocks most common UDP and TCP and ICMP Attacks installed on our servers. also we have protection provided by default by the ISP OVH (Game) And NFO Servers.
Concurrents are the amount of devices that can connect to a VPN Server using the same account at the same time.
Windows (x32, x64): using OpenVPN or Softether.
Linux: using OpenVPN.
Android: using OpenVPN.
IOS: using OpenVPN.
Router: using OpenVPN. (Your router must support openvpn)
We do not log or save any of the packets you send over the internet, Your data is always encrypted.
You can use our VPN on gaming devices like PSN3 or PSN4 and xbox and you can download Torrent files or use any other peer to peer service.
We have a custom page where you can see the current session made by your account in real-time, also you can check their bandwidth usage, in case you share your account with your family or friends.